Lowell Racks: Made in the U.S.A. with certified U.S. steel and precision metal-forming techniques, Lowell standalone, gangable, and wall-mount racks are crafted to present a cohesive aesthetic when placed in the same environment.

• Lowell core line of floor, wall, and portable racks are fabricated with fully-welded steel construction. Knockdown racks are also available.
• Floor racks with configurable tops feature threaded or tapped top rails and solid black finishing panels so the top can be closed at no additional expense.
• 23"W floor racks include a braced 6"D platform on top to facilitate field-punches for conduit installation. The 23"W gangable racks supply ample internal lacing space and               consistency among lacing platforms. These racks typically include a vented rear door, unless omitted by selecting a model number that ends with "-LRD" (less reardoor).
• Lowell 22"W gangable racks offer a consistent 2.25" E.I.A. opening from the rear for direct cable access. These racks typically include a solid rear door, which can be omitted by     selecting a model number that ends with -LRD.
• Most Lowell racks ship with rack screws as part of the hardware package. Additional screws can be purchased by the bag or jar.
• Optional solid or fully-vented steel front doors are one-piece construction for torsional rigidity and strength superior to two-piece designs.
• Optional side panels feature leading and trailing beveled edges and mount easily using the tapered guide posts. The panels can be secured with a single screw through the           rack frame in front or rear.
• Lowell racks ship with a full or center cardboard wrap; Rackware® accessories receive extra care in packaging to help ensure products arrive undamaged and ready to install.